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Skin care

Hi my beauties! Hope you all are feeling well! I am 🙂 It’s sunny and spring is coming! Awesome!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with skin care. I’ve tried like everything… I love trying new products and brands. The last brand I tried was Neutrogena. The Neutrogena blackhead eliminating one. And let me tell you; it’s amazing. Of all the brands i’ve tried this is the best one. Your skin truly feels clean and fresh! And the daily scrub is just the best ever! It’s so smooth but still really scrubs and clean your face. So the Neutrogena blackhead eliminating is my skin care tip to you all 🙂




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Happy easter y’all! Do you celebrate? I’m not celebrating like usual.. Why I don’t know.. Haha! Because I really love celebrations and easter.. But well well..

As you guys probably know I’m kinda obsessed with nail polish and doing my nails! LOVE IT! It’s so relaxing and fun! I’ve been purchased some awesome nail polishes lately and I’m so exited to try ’em all!

Below are some of the polishes. Looks like I like glitter… 😉

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Happy Thursday!

Hi beauties! How’re you all? I’m great. I’m having today off! Awesome! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day off in the middle of the week. And today I’m gonna spend it at the best way ever. I started with a great breakfast, soon I’m hitting the gym and then I’m going to have a real “pamper-me-day”.

My plans is; do a face mask and take a really long bubble bath, highlighting my hair. And off course; do a manicure!  But thats self written;) I love doing my nails!

IMG_1146 hemmaspa 002
Some photos for inspiration. ❤

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Nail polish wednesday

Hi beauties! Hope you all feel good and are having a nice day! I’ve been working today and when I got home I gave myself a manicure. I love painting my nails! It’s really one of my main interests:) And my absolute favorite nail polish color is definitely pink. And glitter! With pink and glitter you could never go wrong;)

I really recommend OPI nail polish. Great colors, brushes and with a awesome finish!


Cutest colors! Borrowed the picture from google/a swedish blog.

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