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Happy easter y’all! Do you celebrate? I’m not celebrating like usual.. Why I don’t know.. Haha! Because I really love celebrations and easter.. But well well..

As you guys probably know I’m kinda obsessed with nail polish and doing my nails! LOVE IT! It’s so relaxing and fun! I’ve been purchased some awesome nail polishes lately and I’m so exited to try ’em all!

Below are some of the polishes. Looks like I like glitter… 😉

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Hi beauties! I’ve had this weekend off and I’m loving it! I’ve just been chilling and working out and had the best time with my husband. Carpe Diem y’all 😉

At the moment I’m totally obsessed with braids! I think it’s so pretty and girly and versatile! Here are some inspirational pictures that I find awesome!

Nicole Richie

Mary-Kate Olsen

Simple braid+bun


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Want summer!

Hi everyone! I don’t now about you guys but I’m so sick of this winter! Please someone give me summertime! I want to be tanned, warm and be able to wear cute outfits!

If it was summer today… I would wear something like this:
Casual and cute!


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Féria Wild Ombré

Hi beauties! Hope you all are feeling well and are having a great day! I’m still sick… Stupid cold! But I’m actually feeling a little better 🙂 So I think I’ll be well soon!

Before I got sick I had, as I told you, a pamper-me-day. And I was supposed to do some highlights in my hair. But I changed my mind 😉 Or I did a highlight-ombré style. I used the Loréal Féria Wild Ombré kit and did highlights and finished in a ombré look. 

The Féria Wild Ombré kit was awesome! It was so easy to work with. The color turned out so natural and perfect. I’m so pleased with the result! And the best part; my hair feel so nice afterwards. It feels soft and shiny and healthy! So all of you that’s thinking about trying the Féria Wild Ombré, do it. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!


The Loréal Féria Wild Ombré comes in three different shades:

This is the one I used:

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Hi everyone! How are you? I’m not feeling well…I’m sick 😦 “Just” a cold, but still. Hate being sick. But who doesn’t ?! Now I’m just gonna try to get better.. Drink lots and lots of tea and just rest and watch some feel-good-movies 😉

Ginger and lemon will do you well! And it tastes really good too!




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Hi beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend! It’s so sunny here and the air is like totally crisp! Sweet! Unfortunately I can’t enjoy it to it’s fullest cause I have to rush to the office to do some hours…

Now to something beauty related 😉 How do you guys feel about contouring? Lately I’ve been loving it! I do it every single day. I feel that it does all the difference in the world to your make up and your face. It’s like magic 😉 On a everyday basis I do like a really simple kind of contouring. Just a quick and easy contouring for the everyday make up. Just a quick contouring in the hollows of my cheek, up to my temples and in my jawline; done! Complement with a little highlight and you are set for everything 🙂

Take care beauties and I will talk to you soon!

Give Good Face

A little description on how to contour and highlight.


A great kit 🙂


The queen of contouring and highlightening: Kim Kardashian!

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Happy Thursday!

Hi beauties! How’re you all? I’m great. I’m having today off! Awesome! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day off in the middle of the week. And today I’m gonna spend it at the best way ever. I started with a great breakfast, soon I’m hitting the gym and then I’m going to have a real “pamper-me-day”.

My plans is; do a face mask and take a really long bubble bath, highlighting my hair. And off course; do a manicure!  But thats self written;) I love doing my nails!

IMG_1146 hemmaspa 002
Some photos for inspiration. ❤

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The importance of brushes

Hi everyone! I had a really busy weekend! I hope all of you could enjoy it a little bit more than I could  😉

I just thought that I should mention the importance of using a good make up brush when you are doing your make up. It makes all the difference in the world. I’m not saying  that it has to be the most expensive brush but it has to be good. I’ve been trying all kinds of brushes and my all time favorite must be the Sigma ones! There soft and gentle and I’m never disappointed with the result. If you think that Sigma is a little bit on the pricey side.. I can recommend the make up brushes at H&M. Their brushes are not as soft as the Sigma ones but they works totally fine and the price is unbeatable:)



Oh I just love these!


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Busy busy

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing great and feeling well! I’m sorry that I’ve totally neglecting my blog this weekend. But i’ve been working like crazy!

I’ll be back soon (like tomorrow) with a new beauty related post! Promise 🙂

Take care beauties and exfoliate 😉