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Nail polish wednesday

Hi beauties! Hope you all feel good and are having a nice day! I’ve been working today and when I got home I gave myself a manicure. I love painting my nails! It’s really one of my main interests:) And my absolute favorite nail polish color is definitely pink. And glitter! With pink and glitter you could never go wrong;)

I really recommend OPI nail polish. Great colors, brushes and with a awesome finish!


Cutest colors! Borrowed the picture from google/a swedish blog.

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Everyday palette

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend and a great start at the new week! Today my make up look was very “earthy”. I love to wear natural make up during the week. Always with warm tones. Love it!

This palette is like the ultimate everyday palette to me. Warm, earthy, natural with a brightening touch. Awesome!

mac palette

88 warm palette by MAC. 

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This is a quote I think is just so true. I like to keep it as a reminder for myself.


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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to welcome you all to my new blog. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

me 1sep

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